Refrigeration Plants Energy Efficiency Diagnostic WebTool

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What is Cool-Save Web Tool?

This application is a web tool that calculates, on an estimated basis, the potential energy savings for an industrial refrigeration facility in the food and drinks sector. As a result, a report with a list of customized improvement strategies based on the information entered in the web tool is generated.

The application consists of a simple questionnaire where energetic, economic and technical data of the refrigeration plant is requested. With the information entered, a simple energetic analysis is performed, and as a result, a list of the best viable energy improvement options is offered for each facility. Each improvement strategy is accompanied by an estimation of the annual maximum and minimum energy and cost savings.

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What is Cool-Save?

The main objective of the COOL-SAVE project is based in the optimization of the Vapor-compression mechanical systems in the food and drink sector, which is the biggest manufactured sector in the UE with a global turnover of 815 billions of Euros in 2004 .

The COOL-SAVE project aims to reduce industrial energy consumption in cooling installations by Vapor-compression mechanical system in the food and drink sector through the dissemination of cost effective energy efficiency strategies implementation.

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